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Backtagging: Hell to the yeah
Threadhopping: Generally only if it's agreed upon by all parties/we've all played together for a while
Fourthwalling: Ask first? I feel like this would only happen in a meme where this sort of thing would occur. 
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Not so much offensive, but I personally don't really play out explicitly smutty things unless I'm comfortable with you as a player, and even then it may take a while. Fade-to-blacks and vague descriptions are generally okay; better if they've context. In line with this, I don't really do rape/sexual assault scenarios, though I MIGHT be comfortable threading out scenes where it's mentioned in the context of recovery.

Also, please don't be racist, kthnxbai. 

With all of these, I prefer there to be context/build up in tags (i.e. "he moved in to hug Sirius/she aimed to stab him in the side") so I can decide/RNG if it's something that's going to happen.

Hugging this character: He needs it. But also he won't generally be comfortable with it unless you're a close friend.
Kissing this character: Not out of the blue. He's a flirtatious fellow and he'll take kisses from guys and gals alike, but there needs to be a bit of a build up rather than just laying a wet one on him as as a greeting. 
Flirting with this character: He's a charmer. B) 
Fighting with this character: Please. But also, again, with context. 
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Beat up my smol son. Specifically: Mild injuries are a go, generally (black eyes, light cuts, bruises.)  Moderate injuries are perfectly fine (I usually draw the line at injuries similar to broken bones/deep lacerations,) in context of fights/torture/the like. Serious (likely fatal) injuries are also a possibility, but I'm not a big fan of gore so let's keep the descriptions to a minimal. 
Killing this character: Ask me, unless it's in a meme situation where it's specifically "this is a killing situation." I know what I'm getting into if I sent him there to die; if it's a build up from a fight, though, I'd rather be asked.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes, but no mind control unless asked/meme situation indicates it's a Thing. 

Warnings: Sirius is a survivor of parental abuse (physical and emotional.) I do talk about it, usually just in allusions, but still. Let me know if this is something that makes you uncomfortable. He also has bipolar depression II, which will be referenced if it's having an impact on his character. Also, if I'm playing him post-Azkaban, he generally has self-inflicted scars, but those don't always make an appearance. The PTSD probably does, though.

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It's soon enough after the war that an increase in incidents involving Muggles anywhere in the UK gets the Aurors and the Order poking their head in. A confirmed death, disappearances, and a number of addled Muggles was definitely something that called their attention. Preliminary investigations turned up at least one Death Eater's son in the vicinity; he was put on the shortlist instantly. Most of the people assumed he was the man they'd be nabbing, at the end.

But interrogations of the Muggles who seem to have been put at risk yield an interesting new factor. Yield a description of one Sirius Black, previously missing and apparently turned dark in his absence. Yield, from a few of the Muggles, blurry memories of a snake.

The Aurors are ready to arrest him on the spot. The Order members know better. Relay the information back to the Potters, who are understandably upset, and to Dumbledore, who poses the possibility of Horcruxes to them.

In the end, they ask Lily to go out. She's familiar and loved enough she probably won't seem a threat to Sirius if he has taken a dark turn. Is skilled enough that there is a Horcrux, she'll likely be able to handle it.

They still have some people accompany her, but when the time comes it's her they're allowing to knock on the door of the apartment they've determined belongs to one Sirius Black.

When he opens the door, for a heartbeat of a moment he's nothing but a shell. When his glazed eyes take in who's standing there, though, the foreign soul in him hisses. Twists a little at the controls it has on him to bring back a bit of the light in his eyes but none of the actual feeling behind it.

"--Lily." He's still so pale. His voice and eyes are still so dull. The smile doesn't reach his eyes, "What are you doing here?"

(The snake, elsewhere in the apartment, slithers to try to find a hiding place.)

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Behold, it will go here. 
  • Sirius is bi bi bi.
  • On a less happy note, he has bipolar depression.
  • Impulsive, loyal, noble, and stupid, not necessarily in that order.
  • Puns. All of them.
  • He is very touchy feely, at least with his friends.
  • Parental abuse survivor (physical and emotional)



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 He's made a lot of stupid mistakes in his life. The one earlier this year will probably remain at the very top of the list (Moony's anger is sobering; is a pain deep in Sirius' heart he doesn'tknow how to mend. He should have known better than to think he-- whose blood was black in so many senses of the word-- could ever be a proper fit for someone as fundamentally Good as Remus has proved himself to be.)

Throwing himself in front of Remus, though-- That's not a mistake. Even if he knows from Regulus that it's probably going to cost him his life, it feels worth it for the best man he's ever known. It's more instinct than thought that has him protecting the other young man.

Even as the pain rips through him-- more than he ever thought possible-- it feels worth it. The only thing he regrets is not being able to gasp out a final apology before the world goes dark.

It's still a little fuzzy when he wakes again. The bright light that shines above his head is blinding; earns a barely intelligible mutter, "--'m I dead?"

That would be a shame, because most everything still hurts.

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 He's surprised he lasted as long as he did, really. Things had been tense ever since Christmas Break his first year, and they'd only gotten worse since. He's surprised he wasn't kicked out-- or that he hadn't left; he still couldn't decide what this was-- before.

But it'd finally happened, now. He and his parents had argued for the last time and he'd kissed his brother goodbye roughly before taking what he could and leaving; only just dodging the last curse his mother sent his way, his sleeve singed and his arm stinging just a hint beneath the cloth.

He barely even realizes he's apparated to the Potters' when he finds himself at their gate. A part of him knows he's probably set off wards when he pushes the gate opens, but he doesn't care. He makes it to the doorstep-- knocks once before realizing what he's doing and starts to bolt away again.

Except he's left half his stuff at the gate and the other half at the door. He's frozen between the two, mind a whirling mess of confusion and hurt; trying to decide if he wants to leave or if he wants to stay.